Activity of the our Nursery School during quarantine due to Covid – 19


  •   29/5/2020

Through a social networking group which was created, no day in the middle of quarantine was lost and we were able to communicate with both the children and their parents.  They were psychologically strengthened and remained active through the proposed educational programs. For those families who did not have the appropriate means to communicate online, the communication were carried out on a weekly basis via telephone.

On a fortnight's basis, teachers delivered a work package and the necessary materials for creative activities at home. Every week, via video, they kept them company by telling them fairy tales, giving them instructions for various constructions and ideas for play.

And that's how the days went by, the weather's gone, and on Monday, June 1st, we'll again become a happy group in our class!!!

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Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for 4th year, covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese, for infant use our Nursery.