Easter activity of “FRIENDS OF THE CHILD” Nursery School


  •   23/4/2016

Celebrating the Easter Spirit, the Nursery School of Charity Association "FRIENDS OF THE CHILD", gathered parents and grandparents on Friday 22 April aiming to create precious moments and happy memories for the families in need that  supports.

Children presented to their own loved ones their everyday daycare routine through activities that were organized for that specific day.

They shared their small chairs and tables, painted traditional red eggs and made Easter handicrafts such as baskets and funny bunnies. They tasted delicious traditional sweets and enjoyed important playtime with their parents.

Our Charity Association’s vision for love and affection became reality that day, regarding all the smiling faces that filled our Nursery School and encouraging us to a continuous effort of supporting families that need us.

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Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for 4th year, covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese, for infant use our Nursery.