•   6/2/2017

The groups' participants expressed their gratitude, by sharing their feelings and emotions with us.

Words like <the Friends of the Child taught me what love is,'I became a better mother, I am happier", "You made us stronger” “you are able to calm my soul", "I realized that what I live is not a cliff, nor a destruction", "thank you for everything”, give us great satisfaction and will to continue  our work.

Our goal is to give the support they need, the necessary knowledge, the ability to handle difficult past experiences and provide them with confidence for the future.

 That's what life is about.The way we deal with it makes the difference. And we are there to guidethem through hoping they will find their own path.

Happiness doesn’t always mean <all is well!>

It means < you decided to look beyond the imperfections>

says social worker of the Association FRIENDS OF THE CHILD, Ms. ChrysoulaDiamantopoulou

 We wish you a healthy and prosperous Happy New Year,

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Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for 4th year, covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese, for infant use our Nursery.