Friends of the Child


Sunday afternoon with Parents Support Groups


  •   13/2/2017

In our effort to support these mothers we gave them the  opportunity  to  take a break from their everyday problems by visiting the theatre and watching the play “ASTROFEGGIA” (STARLIGHT) .

The theatre takes us to a different and magical world , full of sentiments, dreams and knowledge, giving these mothers great pleasure and inspiration.

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We thank the Tamer Foundation for the valuable financial support of the purposes of our Association, from its foundation until today.

We thank the Perianth Hotel for the multi-year and valuable financial support of our Association's goals.

Many thanks to Tsimpos & Associates for the Preliminary Study and the Final Study for the issuance of the demolition permit and the construction permit for the New Building of Social Welfare & Creative Employment for Children and Adolescents of our Association. We also thank the partners: Spyros Tzivanakis - Civil Engineer, the company TEAS A.E. - Electromechanical Studies and Mr. Astara - Topographical Engineer.