Friends of the Child



  •   17/2/2017

The event took place at the homely atmosphere of the association's kindergarten where all personel and members of the board were present.

Excellent dishes were prepared by the employees of the kindergarten bringing the party to its peek having us all wishing for a productive and prosperous 2017!

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We thank the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation for the financial support of our Association's cause, for 2022

We thank Karteria AMKE, which, for 4 years now, covers the salary of the Kindergarten teacher of our Children's Center, while also providing material and financial support to the Philanthropic Sector when the need arises.

We thank the company e-food, which stands by our Children's Center monthly, since 2017, with material and technical support when the need arises.

We thank the company GREGORY'S for the support of the school meals of our Children's Center, for 2023.