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  •   13/3/2017

Hellenic Ornithological Society took the initiative, to offer the preschool class of our Nursery the educational activity “Winged Travelers”.

Bird migration is an amazing phenomenon, which has been taking place every year, for millions of years. 

Children distinguished the migratory birds from others, located on the world map the pathways they follow and discovered the threats and risks migratory birds face during their journey.

Every year, the Ornithological Society presents an educational program to our children. Its aim is to bring children close to the magical world of the migrating community of birds.

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We thank the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation for the financial support of our Association's cause, for 2022

We thank the company Scotwork Hellas which, since 2018, stands at our Kindergarten's side and supplies us monthly with olive oil and butter for the preparation of the children's meals, offers significant monetary donations, and covers the PPC and EYDAP bills.

We thank the company Printec Hellas, which, since 2015, fully covers the speech-therapy program of our Kindergarten, and offers monetary donations, while the company's employees offer clothing and footwear for the children, as well as important food products for the preparation of breakfast meals.