Friends of the Child


A special school support and cultural education programme


School support programme

Helping children escape the vicious cycle of poverty means, among other things,
helping them improve their performance at school. For this reason the Association can pay the monthly costs of:

special needs education
speech therapy
foreign language course fees
extra tuition in Greek (monthly)
school supplies and course learning aids
athletic shoes or sneakers and track suits
and cultural education

The Association considers exposure to cultural experiences to be food for the soul, just as food is to the body. It considers it absolutely necessary for children to have these kinds of stimuli to grow and develop a healthy appreciation of the world around them. For this reason every week the children, accompanied by their parents, are able to attend

make a

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Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for the 9th year has covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetable, fruit, and cheese for the children of our Nursery and Kindergarten.