Friends of the Child


A program of social and psychological support for parents and children


A social worker provides counseling and support for parents and children on a day to day basis by personal appointment.She keeps parents informed of welfare benefit programmes and puts them in touch with the respective state and local government agencies.Support is provided through individual and group sessions where parents can freely discuss any parenting issues they may have. She organises group activities involving both parents and children. In collaboration with the Mental Health Counsellor, she runs a parents’ group which mainly deals with issues concerning the relationship between parents and their children, how to handle the issues arising because of the economic crisis, how to manage a child who is acting out in anti-social ways or whose behaviour is causing problems, and generally any issue that worries or frustrates parents. Moreover, our Association's Social Worker in cooperation with a Sociologist Consultant for Personal and Professional Development, carry out the Program for Strengthening of Jobless Parents.

The main goal of the program consists of:

improving the self knowledge of the participants and pinpointing their strong and weak points,
enhancing the self respect and self confidence of the jobless,
clarifying the difference between their goals and their dreams.

These are the basic steps towards the formulation of their targets.

establishing a comprehensive professional plan (C.V., preparation for an interview with a prospective employer, familiarization with a work environment)
guidance related to the technical aspects of job search,
cultivating and developing existing professional skills,
explore and develop basic professionalism.

The Association has been an official social worker training centre since 1996.

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Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for the 9th year has covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetable, fruit, and cheese for the children of our Nursery and Kindergarten.