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Baby products


evaporated milk (Nounou, Noulac, Nounou Kid, Nestlac)
Infant formula Almiron 2
Infant formula Guiguoze 2
Infant formula Nan 2
Infant formula Nativa 2
Infant formula Frisolac, Frisomell & Frisogrow
Infant formula S26 Gold 2
Infant formula Humana
Infant formula Novalac 2 & Novalac IT 2
Infant formula Aptamil 2
Baby cereal with biscuit
Baby cereal (farine lactee)
Baby cereal (vanilla flavour)
Yiotis instant baby cereal
diaper rash cream
baby shampoo and bubble bath
diapers (all sizes)
baby wipes

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Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for the 9th year has covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetable, fruit, and cheese for the children of our Nursery and Kindergarten.