Board of Directors


The Association is governed by a twenty-member Board with a three-year term of office.
The board is elected by the Annual General Meeting and consists of volunteers.

President Y. Panagiotidou
1st Deputy President A. Velli
2nd Deputy President D. Foustanou
General Secretary A. Georgiadi
Special Secretary M. Katsikaki
1st Treasurer A. Skevi
2nd Treasurer S. Palimeri


Head of Major Sponsorships Ε. Stefanidou
Public Relations Μ. Katsikaki
Public Relations Deputy L. Mela - Hoime
Nursery School E. Stefanidou / D. Foustanou
Embassies S. Palimeri
Philanthropic Department K. Korpi/ L. Mela - Hoime / M. Mpeka / Μ. Konstantopoulou - Helmis
Office Α. Kokkini
Law Issues F. Kontomarinou - Papadopoulou
Sponsorships and Events Organizing E. Damaskou / A. Peratikou
Town Planning and Engineering Projects I. Ch. Mormori
Warehouse A. Velli / E. Tamvakaki / E. Psilianou
Honorary President Ε. Minaidi
Honorary President Α. Vagia - Kontonassopoulou
Honorary Members Μ. Kyriakou/ Ν. Stathoulopoulou


Our special thanks go to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation who have been sponsoring from 2006 our Programs.

Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for 4th year, covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese, for infant use our Nursery.