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Since 1987, our Charity Association, has offered multifaceted support to poor children and their families, offering them the opportunity to pave a new path, away from poverty and its cruelty.  

At the base of every person's needs is the need for housing and, above that, the need for security. Home means family, love, stability and security. It is the place where the child returns and finds the intimacy, hug and warmth, which many times due to marginalization due to poverty, are deprived from them by the social circle of the school. The certainty of a roof above their head, the softness of a bed and the warmth of a bath are goods that no child should experience the lack of and no parent should experience the helplessness to provide them to their offspring.

In order to avoid evictions, homelessness, and removal of children from the family, we implement the Family Home Support Program "NO CHILD ON THE STREET".

The aim is to stop the frequent relocations of families and the threat of eviction due to inability to pay their rent, which burden both the physical and mental health of children as well as their school participation and performance.

            Families who are already in the process of eviction or will soon face it are in urgent need of a new home. The "Friends of the Child" help them in the rental process by offering them two rents as a guarantee and then they cover the rent for 6 months. This is the necessary period of residency in a house, in order to be entitled to receive the State Housing Allowance and thus to ensure their stay in this house.

In addition, our Charity Association helps poor families who are already receiving the Allowance but are still unable to pay their rent, by covering the difference.

The Program addresses families living in Attica with underage children and low income (under 8,000 €).

If you want to help in our effort to support children and families to get the home they so desperately need by breaking the shackles of uncertainty, follow the link:

Applications for evaluation are accepted by the Social Service Department of the Association by telephone, from Monday to Friday, 09:00 -16:00 at tel. 210-7215901.

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Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for the 9th year has covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetable, fruit, and cheese for the children of our Nursery and Kindergarten.