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ASEAN Plus Bazaar for the support of the Charity Association “The Friends of the Child”


Our Charity Association is evolving its important work with another constructive step: Co-located with our Kindergarten, now operates the Kindergarten "OI FILOI TOU PAIDIOU", with an official license from the Ministry of Education.


Donkey's Land

On Tuesday 14/7 the children of our Nursery School had the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable excursion to the “Donkey’s Land”, in Koropi!


We turned on the light for 30 children

Our crowdfunding campaign #anavoumetofos (we turn on the light) was successfully completed

Summer holidays

In a few days begins the Summer Vacation Program of our Association!

Crowdfunding campaign #anavoumetofos (We turn on the light)

We ask you to join us in our efforts to support 10 families and their 30 children who are living in extreme poverty and are at risk of being left out.

Activity of the our Nursery School during quarantine due to Covid – 19

With great sense of responsibility, love and care for the children of our Nursery School "Friends of the Child", we continued the educational program during quarantine as the teachers remained by the side of our children all this time, supporting them educationally and emotionally.

"Friends of the Child" and RadioTaxi Kosmos send food to homes of needy families

Our Association “Friends of the Child” is willing to set out expectations of support and reinforce the “Staying at home” campaign. We collectively decided to broaden the supply of  everyday essentials’ including food products and respectively products related with personal care and household items for the supported families by delivering to their households.

A valuable sponsor and great help from  Radio Taxi COSMOS which  has offered free of charge services of  30 taxis from their fleet in order to deliver the supplies directly to the supported families’ households


"Friends of the Child" is one of the organizations that benefit from youbehero!

Our kids to “Sklavi”

"Friends of the Child" offer their beneficiaries a rich programme of cultural events, which aims at mental and moral support for the families they help.

Contact with Art and culture benefits man's mental health, exalts his spirituality, enriches his life with stimuli, broadens the way he thinks.

The child who comes into contact with culture is entertained, enriches his vocabulary, cultivates his imagination, discovers new ways of expression and communication, is aesthetically cultivated and socialized.

"Friends of the Child" looking for a volunteer

Become a friend of the Association "Friends of the Child": become a  volunteer and help us offer care and hope to even more children living below the poverty line and needing our help.

"Friends of the Child" in "Eftichia"

Our Association is always trying to incorporate as many activities as possible to the families it supports, thus being able to provide cultural stimuli for thought and creativity.

 Such are visits to museums to theatrical and musical performances, concerts and athletic events.

"Friends of the Child" at the Museum of Contemporary Art - Vasilis And Eliza Goulandris Foundation

Joined by their parents,20 of our children, the "Friends of the Child" Association,  spent an educating afternoon at the Museum of Contemporary Art - Vasilis and Eliza Goulandris Foundation.


Support the Charity Association "Friends of the Child"

Help us to lift that burden together

The Athens College and the Erasmus Greek-German School visited the Nursery School of the “ Friends of the Child” Association.

On Christmas holidays, we always feel an urge to show more love and solidarity as well as to offer as much as we can to our fellow men.

Such being the mood, students of the Eighth grade of the Athens College High School and the 15-member council of the Erasmus Greek-German School visited our Nursery School, were duly informed on its operation and spent a pleasant morning together with the children. They also offered gifts as well as various products useful for the operation of the Kindergarten.


The Charity Association “ Friends of the Child “ awards children that entered the University.

In an emotionally charged atmosphere, we presented with awards the children we support and who succeeded in entering the University.

December 11th, World Children’s Day, was chosen to be the date for honoring these children and along with them all the children our association helps and supports in fighting their own battle.


The 20th Christmas Bazaar of the Charity Association "Friends of the Child" was completed with great success

There was a great response of the people to the call of the our Association "Friends of the Child" to the annual Christmas bazaar which aimed to raise money to meet the needs of needy families supported by the Association.



20th International Christmas Bazaar "Friends of Children" - lottery
Many thanks to the donors of the lottery of the 20th International Christmas Bazaar "The Friends of the Child"

Thank you very much for attending the 20th International Christmas Bazaar - "The Friends of the Child" on the first day of our event and we look forward to seeing you all today, the second and last day of our bazaar, a day that will be held and the big lottery in which we draw 276 gifts!!!

20th International Christmas Bazaar "Friends of the Child" - Grand Opening

Today and tomorrow you can visit the 20th International Christmas Bazaar of our Association from 10 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon to enjoy delicacies and shows from around the world, to purchase unique gifts and to help our children in need.

20th International Christmas Bazaar "Friends of the Child"

There are a few hours left to start the 20th International Christmas Bazaar, and we would like to thank all those who helped us make it happen, without forgetting anyone!

Communication sponsors of the 20th International Christmas Bazaar of our Association

The success of our Association's annual Christmas Bazaar has always been the promotion.

Sponsors of the 20th International Christmas Bazaar "Friends of the Child"

Our annual International Christmas Bazaar is a very big event which requires a lot of time, effort and of course money!

Adventure in the Clean City (Katharoupoli)

On Thursday 24 January 2019, our children attended the training program "Adventure in Katharoupoli (the Clean City)". 


In the context of  the volunteer day, HASBRO HELLAS  employees devoted a working day to the children of our Nursery School.

"Aladdin" at Karolos Koun Theatre

On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, 16 children attended the play of  "Aladdin" at the “Karolos Koun  Theatre ". 

DOUKAS School, Erasmios Greek-German School, Saint-Paul Delasalle Elementary School, Athens College at the Nursery School of the Association Friends of the Child.

The message of volunteering and offering was transmitted for one more time to the pupils from the children of our Nursery School.

The Embassy of Thailand at our Nursery School

The Ambassador of Thailand, H.E. Mr. Chailert Limsomboon with his wife, Mrs. Sansaya Limsomboon and a delegation from the Thai Embassy, ​​visited our Nursery School on their King's Day of Remembrance. 

The 19th Christmas Bazaar of Friends of the Child was successfully completed

There was a great response of the people to the call of the "Friends of the Child" at the annual Christmas bazaar which aims at raising money to meet the needs of poor families that our Association supports.

Christmas Decoration at Hilton Athens

On Monday, November 26, 2018, 11 children from our Association participated in the Christmas decoration of Hilton Athens. 

19th International Christmas Bazaar.

We are expecting you with great pleasure on the 24th – 25th of November at the Helexpo Maroussi Exhibition Center (Kifisias ave. 39,Maroussi)  , from 10.00am until 20.00pm where the 19th Christmas Bazaar of the Association “Friends of the Child” is taking place. 

Little tooth and its Adventures

On Sunday, 23/9/18, Mr. Little Tooth welcomed our kids at the Rialto Theater - Alekos Alexandrakis and shared with them the adventures he had with the teeth that are being damaged before their time.

Summer vacation Program 2018

Summer holidays ended, leaving behind carefree moments and beautiful memories.

3 Composers – 3 pianos

This year, three great composers, Mimis Plessas, George Hatzinasios and Giorgos Theophanous, meet on the stage of Herodion on Wednesday, September 12 at 21.00 and invite us to a musical trip with sole purpose to support the 40,000 children embraced by the Union " Together for Children ".

Cooking at Hilton’s Kitchen

We thank very much the Hilton Athens that welcomed the children of our Association and they spent 2 beautiful and creative hours cooking with hotel’s chefs!

Distribution of TOMS Shoes

The Association "Mazi gia to Paidi" (Together for the Child) continued the distribution of TOMS shoes for the fourth consecutive year, thus giving the opportunity to

"The Friends of the Child" to provide the children with a new pair by TOMS shoe company which operates by the concept one for one whereby buying a pair another pair is donated.

We greatly appreciate the support of "Mazi gia to paidi".

The Brainy Digital Platform available to children of "Friends of the Child"

The Charity Association Friends of the Child tries hard to provide and protect children with poor background who have learning difficulties which many times result to school dropouts as a result of the financial and social issues their families are facing.


Christmas is near and the Charity Association FRIENDS OF THE CHILD are happy to invite you at the 18th International Christmas Bazaar ,on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 of November 2017, which will take place at HELEXPO Palace Kifisias Av. Marousi.

Party at the kintdergarden

On Friday July 7th at the backyard of our Kindergarten our little young friends celebrated the end of the school year by singing and dancing in front of an audience that was moved and amazed by their performance!


Our last excursion before the summer holidays took place at the beautiful spot of Agia Paraskevi  at Kalentzi near the Marathonas Lake on July 12th.

30 years “Friends of the Child”

In a summer afternoon on June the 7th the charity association ‘’Friends of the Child’’

Celebrated its 30 years of action, at the old parliament where   friends, members of the association, families and children we support and sponsors had the opportunity to visualize the work of the charity.

The Association "FRIENDS OF THE CHILD" supports young detainees of the Special Youth Detention Center Avlona

The Association "FRIENDS OF THE CHILD" in an effort to support young detainees of the Special Youth Detention Center Avlona, collected staple commodities and delivered them on Friday, March 10th.


Hellenic Ornithological Society, took the initiative, to offer the preschool class of our Nursery the educational activity “Winged Travelers”.



The celebration of carnival is a very happy day for the children in our kindergarten. It is an all-day joyful event, which children expect with great anticipation.  From the moment we enter the nursery we start to prepare and decorate the room.  We wear our costumes and we are getting ready to party with our friends who have previously graduated from our Kindergarten.


A child’s gaze ‘meets’ refugees PEDIASIS – Nursery “Friends of the Child”

A child’s gaze ‘meets’ refugees

PEDIASIS – Nursery “Friends of the Child”

Pediasis: a great artistic network with primary aim to support and help children of vulnerable groups, through art and preservation of children’s creativity.


Together for Children and Friends of the Child in Alpha Network

On February 10th, Alpha network interviewed and presented certain activities of the association <Together for children> (mazi gia to paidi), an umbrella for 10 philanthropic organisations  to which the <Friends of the Child> is a member since 1997.


The Association Friends of the Child had its own New Year's traditional cake (pita) soon after the Supporting Mothers group.

Sunday afternoon with Parents Support Groups

We spent a very pleasant Sunday afternoon with the mothers who participate at < The Parents Support Groups> provided by our association <The Friends of the Child>. 



The parent support groups of the association Friends of the Child celebrated, in a warm and homely atmosphere, the traditional cutting of New Year's cake together with members of the board, social workers and the office personnel.


joie de vivre for children of our nursery!!!

We want the everyday life in our kindergarten to be full of surprises, joyful images and experiences for our children. The birthday of one of our children, is for all of us, a day of joy and



We thank our friends for the love and the goods they offer to the children of our Nursery.





Autumn continues in our Nursery school and we follow its pace.

After the wine making process, the children of our kindergarten had the opportunity to experience their next autumn project.


Christmas is near and the Charity Association FRIENDS OF THE CHILD are happy to invite you at the 17th International Christmas Bazaar ,on Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 of November 2016, which will take place at HELEXPO Palace Kifisias Av. Marousi.


The children of our nursery school started the new school year with an educational and recreational excursion in Peania.     

Parent Support Groups

The Charity Association’s “FRIENDS OF THE CHILD” Parent Support Groups began in 1992. The groups are implemented by the Social Worker Mrs. Chrisoula Diamantopoulou and the Psychologist Mrs. Evi Karagiorgou.

Summer holiday programme

The Charity Association “FRIENDS OF THE CHILD” implements a summer holiday programme for the children in  its care.

End of the School Year Celebration at our Nursery School.

Summer has arrived and another school year for our Nursery has come to an end.

There was no better way to celebrate it than filling the air of our garden with happy songs and joyful voices.

"Together for Children" Association distributed TOMS shoes to our children.

For the second consecutive year, the "Together for Children" Association distributed TOMS shoes to the children that our Charity Association “FRIENDS OF THE CHILD” supports and protects.


Visit to the Planetarium

We spent a lovely Sunday together with ΑLPHA ΒΑΝΚ’s employees. Children that our Charity Association protects, took a tour of  "The forest beneath the Way"  exhibition and watched the movie  "A walk on the moon."

Charity event of Plan Toys Company supporting our Charity Association "Friends of the Child."

Οn Saturday, 21 of May, parents and children of all ages occurred at the charity event that PlanToys® Company organized at their new branch (Hippocrates 10-12 Athens), supporting our Association " FRIENDS OF THE CHILD”.


Easter activity of “FRIENDS OF THE CHILD” Nursery School

Celebrating the Easter Spirit, the Nursery School of Charity Association "FRIENDS OF THE CHILD", gathered parents and grandparents on Friday 22 April aiming to create precious moments and happy memories for the families in need that  supports.

Easter Bazaar OTE Group of Companies

On Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 April our Charity Association “FRIENDS OF THE CHILD” had the pleasure to participate at the Easter Bazaar OTE Group of Companies.

JOTIS and chef Argiro Barbarigou visited our Nursery School,celebrating Easter.

On Tuesday 19th of April, the Nutritional Products Company JOTIS and the award-winning chef Argiro Barbarigou offered the chance to the children that attend the Nursery School of our Charity Association "Friends of the Child", to have a pleasant and amusing afternoon by cooking.


In a festive atmosphere we cut  the  NEW YEAR’S CAKE . The members of the Board, Staff and parents who involved in the support groups did the valuation of the previous year and shared dreams and goals for the new year.

The picking of the olives

Wonderful Sunday we spent hanging out with the employs  of ALPHA BANK. Along with families and  children gathered in the open space of Philodassiki Union Athens behind the Kaisariani Monastery. Through an entertaining group play, the children have found evidence for the olive and care.

Christmas Bazaar 28 & 29 November

The holidays are approaching and "FRIENDS OF THE CHILD" invite you to the 16, the International Christmas Bazaar in Helexpo Maroussi, Kifissias Av. 39, Maroussi


For one more year our Nursery School opens his doors.

We wish you   Health  , Joy and Creativity .


The Charity Association "FRIENDS OF THE CHILD ' wish to thank the PwC company , and Mrs. Vivian Tsamadou and Stella Kesemli for the excellent organization of the Bazaar.

Collecting School Supplies of the Children in Need

The National Bank of Greece and SKAI Channel invites us to collect school supplies for the children of  Association Together for Children .

Happy Summer

The Charity Association "FRIENDS OF THE CHILD"  wishes you Happy and Carefree Summer full of dreams and positive thinking.  Good return.
We inform you that  the Association  will be closed from Monday, August 3 through Friday, August 21.


Summer holiday programme

The Association organises a summer vacation programme for the children in  its care.Specifically, it makes arrangements for children to attend public or private summer camps. It also maintains two caravans at a campsite on the coast in Nea Makri throughout the summer, where families have the opportunity to enjoy a vacation. All the costs of food, accommodation and transportation are paid for by the Association.From 06.23.2015 up to today in the Associations caravans have been hosted for 7 day vacation, 8 needy families with 13 children.


On Monday March 30 at 5pm, the General Assembly of our Association took place at ATHINAIS CULTURAL CENTRE in the presence of the board of directors. The Association’s 2014 income and expenses were reviewed while budgeting for the year 2015 was approved by the members. Mrs. Marilena Mamidakis, Chairman of the Association, informed the members on the Financial and Administrative course of the Association.

Around the World in Eighty Days

With the courtesy of EUROBANK, on Sunday March 22, 50 needy children protected by our Association, had the chance to watch with their parents the wonderful theatrical show: «AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS».

World Oral Health Day - MARCH 20 2015

On the occasion of the World Oral Health Day, AIM’S mobile unit, visited the Association’s Daycare Center. Children and grownups, all brushed our teeth following the experts’ instructions! The pediatric dentist Mr. Andreas Argouropoulos offered a free check up to all children.

Happy melodies at our daycare centre

On behalf of PEDIASIS, Christina Nelia and Golfo Tranouli spent a morning in our pre-infant classroom making music.They gave musical instruments to all of the children, and showed them how they work. They showed the children new sounds.

Feeding the children of our Daycare Centre

The Holy Archdiocese of Athens and All Greece of the Old Calendar supports meals for the children.

CARNIVAL PARTY at our Daycare Centre

CARNIVAL PARTY at our Daycare Centre
We celebrated Carnival at the Daycare Centre with a big party.

The calendar in the child care centre showed February.

The calendar in the child care centre showed February.

For ideas about the special character and habits of the month, we read the story “February’s Games.”

Each day in the Daycare Centre is different

‘We start with our breakfast.

Learning activities begin when we are all sitting in our chairs - we learn, listen, talk, share, communicate, we use all our senses, we use our hands, our bodies, our minds.


We wish the new year be filled with beautiful special moments, dreams and optimism. Children's smiles, loving people, colors, sounds and scents to beautify every day.


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We thank KARTERIA NGO for the multi-year and valuable financial support of our Association's goals.

We thank the Tamer Foundation for the valuable financial support of the purposes of our Association, from its foundation until today.

We thank the Perianth Hotel for the multi-year and valuable financial support of our Association's goals.

Many thanks to Tsimpos & Associates for the Preliminary Study and the Final Study for the issuance of the demolition permit and the construction permit for the New Building of Social Welfare & Creative Employment for Children and Adolescents of our Association. We also thank the partners: Spyros Tzivanakis - Civil Engineer, the company TEAS A.E. - Electromechanical Studies and Mr. Astara - Topographical Engineer.