The Association "FRIENDS OF THE CHILD" supports young detainees of the Special Youth Detention Center Avlona


  •   15/3/2017

In a period where state face difficulties in covering the needs of the juvenile detainees and struggles to offer them the necessary living conditions, we tried to ameliorate their everyday life and cleanliness.

Specifically we offered: 

600 pcs toilet paper, 58 boxes of shampoo and bubble baths 24 & 45 ml, 300 pcs socks, 200 pcs shampoo, 100 pcs bubble baths, 100 pcs deodorants, 100 pcs shaving foams, 100 pcs liquid Soap, 20 Pcs foreign language books, 20 Pcs foreign language magazines, 20 pcs sports outfits, Various sweets, Quilt, Towels, Shoes, 4 Blankets, 1 Board game,  

Many thanks to: PAPOYTSANIS, IDER, DALMARAS, BODY TALK, ION, ASTIR, who supported this effort and offered us products of their company.

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Special thanks to NEPTUNE LINES who for 4th year, covered basic foodstuffs in meat, vegetables, fruit and cheese, for infant use our Nursery.