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In 2007, the Association saw one of its most important goals become a reality. This was the setting up of a daycare centre in Metaxourgeio for the children under its protection.

The aim of the daycare centre is to provide children with an organised safe environment
in which to learn the necessary skills for a better future.

Our daycare centre is open from 7:00pm to 4:00pm. Children can be enrolled at the centre at the age of 2 to 2½ and they can stay until they reach the age of 5.

Their daily program includes:

Learning through participation in creative play.
Full meal plan. Three balanced meals are provided. Morning and afternoon meals are prepared at the day care centre thanks generous donations from a number of sources, and lunch is provided by the Municipal Daycare Centre of Athens.
Medical care is provided throughout the school year, as well as dental check-ups, vaccinations and speech therapy.
Personal hygiene: attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness is encouraged.
Afternoon nap.
Entertainment is also provided for the children in the form of excursions; birthday parties and other celebrations; theatre and museum visits.

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We thank the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation for the financial support of our Association's cause, for 2022

We thank Karteria AMKE, which, for 4 years now, covers the salary of the Kindergarten teacher of our Children's Center, while also providing material and financial support to the Philanthropic Sector when the need arises.

We thank the company e-food, which stands by our Children's Center monthly, since 2017, with material and technical support when the need arises.

We thank the company GREGORY'S for the support of the school meals of our Children's Center, for 2023.