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The 20th Christmas Bazaar of the Charity Association "Friends of the Child" was completed with great success


  •   29/11/2019

On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 November thousands of people were at Helexpo Maroussi, bought unique Christmas decorations and gifts for their loved ones at very low prices, enjoyed delicious delicacies and special dances from around the world and supported the Association for another year helping children, living below the poverty line.

Among them, the Mayor of Athens, Mr. Kostas Bakoyiannis, who visited all the stands of Bazaar, had fun and talked to dozens of people from many parts of the world who wanted to take pictures with him.

Many ambassadors were present to contribute to the success of the event and to help the "Friends of the Child" Association. Among them are: the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Mrs. Kate Smith, the Ambassador of Finland, Mr. Juha Markus Pyykko with his wife and President of LAASA (Living in Athens Ambassadors 'Spouses' Association) Mrs. Riitta Laakso, the Ambassador of Thailand Chailert Limsomboon with his wife Sansaya Limsomboon, the Ambassador of South Africa, Mrs. Beryl Rose Sisulu, etc.

This year, the 20th International Christmas Bazaar of the "Friends of the Child" was attended by 38 Embassies and Consulates: Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Argentina, Armenia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Georgia, Gambia, Ghana Dominicab Republic Iran, Zambia, Zimbabwe, USA, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Kenya, Colombia, Kossovo, Cyprus, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malaysia, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Moldova, Bangladesh, South Africa, Hungary, Ukraine, Palestine, Slovakia, Thailand, Turkey, Phillipines, Finland.

In addition, we had the support of LAASA (Living in Athens Ambassadors ’Spouses’ Association), the Les Chefs des Ambassades Association and the Kossovo Office of Commercial and Economic Affairs.

The President Mrs. Gianna Panagiotidou and the Board of Directors of the Association "The Friends of the Child", thank the sponsors, with the help of which it is possible to hold this great event, volunteers, embassies and consulates that participate every year and support our Christmas bazaar. And of course the thousands of friends who visited and supported the Association.

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We thank the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation for the financial support of our Association's cause, for 2022

We thank Karteria AMKE, which, for 4 years now, covers the salary of the Kindergarten teacher of our Children's Center, while also providing material and financial support to the Philanthropic Sector when the need arises.

We thank the company e-food, which stands by our Children's Center monthly, since 2017, with material and technical support when the need arises.

We thank the company GREGORY'S for the support of the school meals of our Children's Center, for 2023.