Friends of the Child


The Athens College and the Erasmus Greek-German School visited the Nursery School of the “ Friends of the Child” Association.


  •   23/12/2019

On Christmas holidays, we always feel an urge to show more love and solidarity as well as to offer as much as we can to our fellow men.

Such being the mood, students of the Eighth grade of the Athens College High School and the 15-member council of the Erasmus Greek-German School visited our Nursery School, were duly informed on its operation and spent a pleasant morning together with the children. They also offered gifts as well as various products useful for the operation of the Kindergarten.

The contact between the younger and older children is always touching and we thank both the Athens College and the Erasmus Greek-German School for giving joy to our little pupils on every opportunity.

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We thank the Tamer Foundation for the valuable financial support of the purposes of our Association, from its foundation until today.

We thank the Perianth Hotel for the multi-year and valuable financial support of our Association's goals.

Many thanks to Tsimpos & Associates for the Preliminary Study and the Final Study for the issuance of the demolition permit and the construction permit for the New Building of Social Welfare & Creative Employment for Children and Adolescents of our Association. We also thank the partners: Spyros Tzivanakis - Civil Engineer, the company TEAS A.E. - Electromechanical Studies and Mr. Astara - Topographical Engineer.